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For Parents

The Catholic Education of School-age Children
A document about our Catholic education system. It has been prepared by the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, and in it the Bishops have set out their thoughts about the system, the principles which should underpin its operation, and their concerns and hopes for the young people who move through it.
Family-centered reflections on the liturgical seasons, articles by parents on Catholic family life (contributions by readers are welcome) and ideas for faith-building fun activities for younger children.

This site is updated weekly with Religious Education resources and spirituality activities for children aged 5-13, It also contains Family Faith practices and an excellent section, Witnessing Faith, with activities applying the principles of Catholic social teaching.

Latest Updates

NZCEO Annual Business Plan 2016 - End of Year Report [pdf 685kb]

Catholic Education Convention 2018 Date confirmed – June 13th to 15th – more information to come over the next few months.

Copyright for Liturgical Music – guidelines from the National Liturgy Office about the legal requirements for reproducing religious music in schools and parishes